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A unique travel company, specialising in music, culture and festival tour experiences. Working with Artists and DJs from across the world.
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If you love music and travel, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Beats Travel, we give you the opportunity to experience a new generation of travelling by combining your love for music and culture in unique locations around the world. Unlike other travel companies we revolve wholeheartedly around music, festivals, and working with renowned artists and DJs from around the globe. Think exclusive parties, cult nightclubs and underground music events. From the hustling, bustling streets of India to the idyllic hidden gems of Croatia, we live by the motto: “We Travel for Music”, guaranteeing you a custom-built, high throttle nightlife adventure like no other.  In 3 years we have run over 20 successful tours in Iceland, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Bosnia and India securing a 5-star rating and cult following that continues to grow year on year.

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