Beats Travel are the leading innovators of the tour industry, creating the most unique experiences and a cross-platform marketing network of clients with a passion for travel, lifestyle, music, and culture.

Brand Awareness

Unique Content



Designed and focused around your brand’s values. We will open up and create bespoke marketing campaigns. Our experiences and itineraries will showcase the art, culture, and lifestyle in the day. At night, watch the cities come alive, soundtracked every step of the way. As well as adding to the overall content and brand value of the tour experience are focused around building revenue to your core product. Whether you are a drinks company, airline, travel agency, tourism agency or hospitality company. Our experiences are created to generate awareness and the unique locations and activities will break through the web and get your target audience connected with your company.

Our Services

Tailored Itineraries 

Bespoke Content  

Generate global awareness


Influencer Marketing

Beats Travel creates a bespoke marketing experience and facilitates the engagement of travellers researching their next adventure. We inspire travellers to go further and open their eyes to the new cultures and destinations around the world . Our agency is made up of tour operators, award winning creatives and more.

Promote your brand or destination through unique activations 

Engage with Bespoke Audiences 

Create Unique Content that will be shared on a global scale 

Promote safe, exciting tourism  and be apart of the next generation of travel


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