Arise Music Festival

Because America calls itself ‘the land of the free’ they seem to have really nailed the concept of a freedom vortex when it comes to festivals. They have a unique blend that makes up a lot of the festivals found during the summer quite different to many found in Europe. There is one particularly special one that happens in The Rocky Mountains in Colorado that transports you to another realm, a little like Dorothy being taken to Oz.

Held in Loveland, Colorado, this alone should tell you a lot about the type of vibe Arise Music Festival is all about. With an emphasis on art, culture, yoga and music it’s a lot like Australia’s Rainbow Serpent Festival. It attracts such an eclectic mix of musical genres from reggae to folk, rock and EDM, you could honestly be forgiven for thinking you had found some kind of Mecca you could live in forever.

As with many festivals there is a lot of influence from Burning Man, festivalgoers are encouraged to create their own theme camps, and go nuts on the costumes. In some years this has meant labyrinths, otherworldly zones and even fiery owls. Families are encouraged to attend with an area for mini ravers (aka the luckiest kids alive) to get their groove on. They even have a Yoga Zone, which has air conditioning, something we’ve all dreamed of, but not dared speak out loud about at any festival.

It’s also worth nothing that Arise Music Festival is probably one of the most affordable festivals on the American festival circuit, encouraging anyone to attend as long as they have the right attitude. It’s a pretty sweet little festival that is well worth a look in if you find yourself drawn to the Rocky Mountains. The whole aura of it isn’t like anything you will experience in Europe, so it you are keen to broaden your festival horizons, Arise is highly recommended.

Madeline Kilby