Frank ‘French Toast’ McWeeny has been defining his path as a radio presenter and club DJ ever since he was old enough to get into a studio. His early love of funk, disco and soul was discovered rooting through his dad’s vinyl collection, and that love now pervades not only his electronic selections but his outlook too. Frank takes to everything he does, in the recording studio and the DJ booth, with a joie de vivre that’s utterly infectious. This has seen him cut a blistering path through the UK radio scene and take his French Toast Radio format to the global stage, across three continents and a succession of time zones.

Whether he’s sound tracking an Ibizan sunset or dropping sexy House music in the middle of downtown LA, Frank brings his personality into every set he plays. You can be sure, that from sharing a lineup with Tensnake and Ben Pearce in Manchester, to closing a party after Bok Bok in Beijing, or even just taking the lead at one of his French Toast events, he’ll be having as much fun as anyone on the floor.

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