Sausagefinger: When one’s fingers are so fat or large that they routinely hit the wrong buttons on small devices like cell phones, remote controls and mixers. Often aided through life by dialling wands, and finger extensions, and handy when you need to plug a leak.

“Occasionally I’ll get a call from people who have sausage fingered when trying to call up the local pizza place.”

This guy wears strange t-shirts and silly hats, but he plays great music. Tune slinger, vinyl hustler, and all round nice guy who’s probably on first name terms with your mother. His sets are often funk and hiphop based, but are always very eclectic, throwing in dub, house, party breaks, and anything else chunky, funky and fun. He’s been around, playing throughout New Zealand before moving to the Land of the Windmill and becoming a key figure in the up and coming funk scene in Amsterdam. Over the course of the last decade hes played all over New Zealand, all over Europe and is a key figure in the up and coming funk scene in Amsterdam, where he was a cofounder of the Bang n Mash parties.

Recently he’s been in and around Croatia, throwing down some dirty jams, cutting some nasty shapes and propping up the bar.