Drawing influences from a plethora of some of the world’s finest musical legends, TASNNEEM has always managed to blend in sounds, melodies and tunes that speak the loudest to her in all of her sets.

Having grown up listening to a wide range of music, from the inimitable legends such as Herbie Hancock, Ray Charles and Chuck Berry to classical Indian maestros like Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pandit and the more contemporary acts like Niladri Kumar and Karsh Kale, she’s always looking for new, and innovative ways to take elements that are signature to all her inspirations and incorporate them into her sound.

Her sets are often an echo of her personality; Groovy, exotic and edgy yet soulful and melodious. Playing an eclectic mix of Jazz, Funk, Nu-Disco, Deep House and Techno, she has always managed to translate her love for music as a means of escape into a sound that would have the same effect on her audience, yet get them to dance their feet off on the dance floor.

Her phenomenal DJ-ing has ensured that she has carved a place for herself in Mumbai’s electronic music scene, having played at venues across Mumbai (Villa69, Royalty, Or-G, Boveda), Delhi (He Said She Said, Mia Bella) and Internationally, at renowned places such as Alilana in Sri Lanka and Cirque Lu Sour and Barasti in Dubai.

Having shared stages with some India’s biggest names like Midival Punditz, Blot!, Praveen Achary, and Jitter, it’s safe to say that Tasnneem is here to stay.

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