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We don’t just create tours, we create a lifestyle that our clients become fully immersed in.

Our B2B arm for company incentives that want to break the mould from the traditional vegas trips. From bespoke, 4 day superyacht packages sailing the coast of Croatia, to Ultra Glamping festivals in the south of France, we are looking to curate custom and tailor-made experiences for staff to not only be rewarded for their excellent service to your company but to forge lifelong bonding experiences with each other that they tell their friends about for years to come. We understand that time is money. We understand that your directors should be managing teams and winning business. Not planning hotels and spending budgets for holidays. Let us use our extensive music and travel connections create a package that you will not find anywhere else.

Staff Retention

Industry Recognition

Increased Productivity 

Team Building

From secret Icelandic geothermal spas to all night raves in 17th-century Indian palaces; our corporate incentive packages fully immerse your team in the countries local culture and nightlife scene. We have spent close to a decade building strong friendships all over the world that give us a unique insight into the lesser known parts of the world that you really need to see.





Sri Lanka

Our business model is set up to be incredibly flexible. Beats Travel’s wide geographical spread means that any time of year, we will have something for you and your team. Our highly curated tours can be edited with your individual company preferences and our consultative approach means you will get exactly what you are after.

If your company has any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.