Beats Travel talks to Rudimental

Rudimental have given us some of the most iconic songs of the last few years, but when you hold such a title, have won Grammy’s, and played on some of the world’s best stages, it’s hard to imagine what could possibly be next for such a talented bunch. Already this year they have managed to take this stage at Melbourne’s Formula One Grand Prix, and will be backing it up with performances all over the UK, and even in Dubai.

Rudimental captivated us at Exit Festival in 2014, and again at Seadance Festival in 2015, so it’s safe to say we were pretty excited to get the chance to chat to Leon Rolle as Rudimental headed into their summer gig circuit.

A couple of years ago you guys played at Future Music in Australia which no longer exists; this is kind of the sad fate of Festivals in Australia but as someone who has played here, and all over the world, do you think there is anything in particular that stands out to you that might be why Australian festivals are currently struggling?

LR: Future was a great festival, its really sad. In fact Australian festivals have been some of the best. It was an amazing experience, and compared to some of the UK festivals we’ve played with in terms of the way it was organised, the way they treated artists, everything. The weather was beautiful, it was really fantastic It’s hard to understand why it doesn’t exist anymore and I hope it comes back!

Do you draw inspiration from crowds or destinations for your music?

LR: Oh definitely! I like to get out into the cities and experience cultures, and look at how people react to the music and experience it. Big crowds are always different to small crowds, club shows or concerts are always different to festivals. I love it all though.

Do you have a favourite destination around the world where you like to party and check out the music scene?

LR: Melbourne! It’s a great city, the people are friendly and the clubbing life is amazing, I can’t wait to check it out again this time round. I love the way people in Melbourne experience music, and how they love it and become a part of it.

What is coming up next for Rudimental, and what should people be really excited about?

LR: We’ve got a huge summer in the UK and Europe, but our album is due out later this year and we are working on some really amazing collaborations with vocalists. It’s going to be awesome, some really cool new music. It’s going to be bigger than anything we’ve done before.

You have had some great collaborations in your tracks previously such as John Newman, any big plans for your next record?

LR: Yeah we have some exciting things coming up with some fantastic vocalists. I’m really looking forward to finishing the record off.

Seadance is a medium size festival, how does playing at something that size compare to a bigger festival like it’s big brother Exit Festival?

LR: Yeah Seadance was great, small festivals have a really great crowd there is something special about them. But big festivals are also amazing, there is nothing quite like them. I guess I really like playing at them all, each festival is a unique experience.

Rudimental may not be featuring at Exit Festival or Seadance Festival, but John Newman, the vocalist behind two of their biggest tracks, Feel The Love and Not Giving In, is headlining Seadance.

We’ll be hitting up Seadance Festival on our Sea Beats tour. The tour heads through one of our favourite corners of the world, The Balkans, it’s one not to be missed!

 -Madeline Kilby