Best Sailing Spots in Croatia

With its glistening waters that stretch out achingly along the Adriatic Coast, sailing in Croatia is utterly serene. There’s an abundance of sailing tours available to see the country by water where you can anchor in some of the most stunning spots in Europe.


Hvar is where the rich and the beautiful come to play. This Island is one of the busiest destinations in Croatia and people flock to it from all over the world. From the millionaire’s Yachts to the epic 13th-century marble architecture and all night parties. It is clear to see why Hvar is one of the top destinations in the world. Our tip is to make sure you check out Carpe Diem Island when you are there.

Krknjaši Blue Lagoon

This stunning lagoon is just under 10 Km away from the town of Trogir. This lagoon is away from the party feel of Hvar and is perfect for some quiet downtime on your time in Croatia.

Krknjasi blue lagoon


One of our favourite spots in Croatia. This picturesque Islet is what postcards are made out of. This small town on the border of Sibenik is perfect for a day trip and is great to wander around the old town. One of our tips is to go up to the old cemetery. The views are stunning!


Pakleni Islands

This stunning stretch of water is perfect for taking your boat out to and spending the day beer in hand and beats at the ready. Close to the Island of Hvar this stretch of water is crystal clear and is a great spot to find a secluded beach or two.




This island holds one of the most iconic images of Croatia and this is the Zlatni Rat. This unique beach, sometimes referred to as the ‘Golden Horn’ is west to the Island of Bol. This beach is known as one of the top beaches in Europe and due to wind is always changing shape and size!


It’s clear that the best way to take in this beautiful country is by water, and we have created the perfect package for you to do so in the form of our Sail Beats tour.