Beats of Sea Dance Festival: Denis Horvat

Denis Horvat is Croatian born but Danish bred, and consequently has a unique take on techno. We'll be enjoying his beats at Sea Dance Festival this July.   If this is [...]

Beats of Secret Solstice Festival: Dusky

We're getting pretty pumped for Icelandic Beats to kick off on June 12th. The jewel in Icelandic Beats crown is Secret Solstice Festival, one of the most unique festivals that [...]

Seadance Festival’s 2017 Line Up

Sea Dance Festival kicks off just days after Exit Festival and is the second and final leg of the Exit Adventure. Held on Jaz Beach in Budva, Montenegro. Given the [...]

Jaz Beach Montenegro

With the lineup for Sea Dance Festival 2017 out (and looking amazing) it’s time to let you in on the secrets of Sea Dance Festival and the stunning Jaz Beach, [...]

Why electronic music you ask?

Electronic Music: some people see it as preposterous noise, but to some, it is a lifestyle and a lifeblood. Elecronic music/EDM is a very misunderstood and stereotyped genre and surrounding [...]

Party the Serbian way in Belgrade

Throughout the 90’s Serbia went through a political patch that many thought the country would never rise from. Fast forward to today and not only is the country beginning to [...]

Secret Solstice Festival Line Up 2017

As if Secret Solstice doesn't sound sweet enough, just for being what it is, this festival comes along with a lineup that almost makes raving under the Midnight Sun seem [...]

24 Hours in Utrecht

Just 30 minutes away from the picturesque, grass-infused city of Amsterdam, Utrecht might be considered the sensible sister of the weed capital with its cute, cobbled streets and endless alleys [...]

Sonus Festival’s 2017 line up

Sonus Festival's 2017 line up is here, and it is epic. In it's fifth year the crew have pulled out all the stops to make sure this year is their [...]

Europe’s Best Festivals in 2017

America may have Burning Man and Coachella, Australia Rainbow Serpent and Splendour in the Grass, but Europe? Now that is an entire continent made up a festival gold mine. Location [...]

Beats Travel talks to Rudimental

Rudimental have given us some of the most iconic songs of the last few years, but when you hold such a title, have won Grammy’s, and played on some of [...]

Beats of Exit Festival: Jamie Jones

Welsh DJ Jamie Jones will be hitting the stage at Exit Festival this year, so to get you into the mood you can check his beats out here.   Experience [...]

Why take a tour to a festival?

We get it, you think to yourself, I’ve done plenty of festivals, I’ve got this, I can do it myself, so why do I need to go on a tour? [...]

Exit Festival 2017 Line Up is Here

Exit festival first kicked off in 2000 as an event organised by a student protest against the Serbian government. Since then it has grown into one of Europe’s biggest, and [...]


Fun fact, there is more ice in Greenland than in Iceland. This little bit of pub trivia proves that there is more to Iceland than meets the eye, which is [...]


Only in London would you find a hard techno rave in a sausage factory and ironically enough, with a girls only policy at the door. Perhaps an unsuspecting, sound-proof [...]

Jaipur – Pink City, Colourful People.

Jaipur is a destination on our Golden Beats tour for more than a few reasons. It’s the perfect destination to give you both a dose of history and culture, [...]

Arise Music Festival

Because America calls itself ‘the land of the free’ they seem to have really nailed the concept of a freedom vortex when it comes to festivals. They have a unique [...]

Woogie Weekend

Ok. So America isn’t exactly a Beats Travel destination at this point in time, but who said world domination wasn’t a part of the plan? We have been keeping a [...]


It’s time we told you about Montenegro, home of Sea Dance Festival. For anyone who’s kept up to date on movies, or studied any kind of literature, you would be [...]

Serenity in Sarajevo

The city of Sarajevo is probably best known for the conflict that claimed thousands of lives & destroyed equally as many homes & businesses. Although for many travellers the conflict [...]

Mirror Love

  Music festival travel with a difference: Europe, India and beyond   "Festivals are fast becoming the holiday destination for music fans across the globe with more and more people [...]

Calavera and Manya

    One of Beats Travel’s favourite destinations, for so many reasons, is Serbia. One of the reasons is the people, and we have been lucky enough to join forces [...]

Goa – A golden dance haven

When you think India your brain will conjure up stereotypical images of Bollywood films, bright colours, and sounds that are reminiscent of a snake charmer playing the pungi. When you [...]

Why you should sail with a beat…

We might keep saying how we are a tour company here to bash away all travel tour stereotypes, but if there is one thing that has to be done when [...]

Who is a Beats Traveller?

The old saying goes your vibe attracts your tribe, but what if there is a tribe that attracts your vibe, a tribe that hates clichés. Does your world revolve around [...]


Techno. The term can strike stoney fear or unadulterated joy in to the hearts of millions used to describe a niche music scene originating in the basements of Detroit, or [...]

Vh1 Supersonic

Beats Travel focus on the idea of heading off the beaten track to follow the beat of the music, wherever that may be. Right now, that is in India where [...]

Island of Pag – Croatia

After 5 glorious days of dance, beach and sun at Sonus Festival back last August, it seems only right to tell you about the glories of its home, Pag Island, [...]

Magnetic Fields

Beats Travellers listen up because now its time for something a bit special and to enlighten you to the magic of Magnetic Fields Festival in Rajasthan, Northern India. Described as [...]

Tropico – Mexico

Beats Travel may focus on Europe and India (for now!) but this doesn’t mean we don’t have the same love for every corner of the globe. We want to inspire [...]

Sun, Sea and Beats – Video

One of the awesome things about Beats Travel is the private parties we hold exclusively for our passengers on each tour. Back in August we were lucky enough to partner [...]

Unsound Festival

  Beats Travel is all about heading off the beaten track, but Unsound Festival in Poland takes this to the next level. Setting the theme as ‘Surprise’, this Krakow based [...]

Amsterdam Dance Event

    If you are one of those people who gets pumped for a night out, then gets into a club where the tunes are top 40, the vibe is [...]

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We are on the radio!

Frank McWeeny / French Toast and Hoxton Radio wanted to know all about Beats Travel on their live show the other week. Check out what one of our team members [...]

Seth Troxler

Seth Troxler is one of those techno DJs who has the reputation of a party boy, and the talent that makes it OK to have a reputation that precedes you. [...]

Papaya Club – Zrce Beach

With the countdown on for our Island Beats tour and the epic Sonus Festival on Zcre Beach, Croatia, its time to give the low down on one of the gems [...]

Well played EXIT 2015

So as we come to the end of the first half of Beats Travel's Balkan Beats tour, we reflect on the awesomeness that was EXIT Festival 2015. From the moment [...]