Chatting with Golden Vessel

The Australian EDM scene is an ever growing and evolving organism that could arguably rival that of any location across the globe.

Brisbane-born Golden Vessel crafts unique, chilled electro beats. You can relax and listen to his music passively, or you can really take note of the sounds and lyrics, and find your mind filled with all sorts of wistful feelings and thoughts. There is nothing simple about this music, but it is so beautiful you can appreciate it on many levels.

Each of your tracks has its own distinct identity, but what is your technique behind creating that unique Golden Vessel sound that flows through all your music?

I think it just comes naturally, it just sounds that I really love and they kind of make their way onto the track and yeah I think that’s it really haha. Every time I get a new piece of gear or discover a new technique that kind of makes it way somehow into the sound so it’s evolving always

At what moment did you wake up and think to yourself that you could actually sit down and become a music producer?

I start making beats on Ableton when I was 15 and I really fell in love with it and worked really hard on putting together some music that I could release. I put my first track out on triple j Unearthed and I got played on triple j within 2 weeks and that was probably the moment when I realised I wanted to, and could pursue this.

You have said that part of your inspiration for ‘Can’t Say’, a collaboration with Abraham Tilbury (aka Allthingslost), came down to a love of cinema and it’s soundtracks, do you ever picture a visual realisation or the perfect movie scene for your tracks?

I’m not super good at imagining visuals to music, I wish music clearly reminded me of places / colours / moments but it’s all very sound / audio based in my head haha. ‘Can’t Stay’ was inspired by Interstellar cause I love how the visuals paired with the amazing soundtrack and we kind of channelled that instrumentally as well as lyrically into the song

You’ve done some epic collaborations, what is your process for working with other artists?

I love being in the room with someone when i’m collaborating. It puts this really great pressure on the music as you’ve only got limited time and you always want to show your best work in front of each other. I find it just pushes music that extra 5-10% which email collaboration doesn’t really bring

Your track Tell The-Girl (Featuring Emerson Leif) has been receiving big praise from many places, are you excited to be playing it live on your upcoming ‘Shoulders’ tour across Australia?

Performing is my favourite part of doing music, and Tell The-Girl is a really fun moment in the set, so yeah i’m definitely excited! At the moment we transition from that song into a cover of White Ferrari by Frank Ocean which is also a great moment

The EDM scene in Australia is exploding, but still has some very unique talents such as yourself, do you find inspiration from any global music scenes?

Yeah what’s happening in Australia at the moment is very exciting to be a part of, and to see friends push boundaries and do well is great. I’m really influenced by the Hip Hop & RnB scene in the US (artists like Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar etc.). I also love what’s happening in Canada at the moment with Badbadnotgood, Kaytranada, River Tiber, Daniel Caeser, Charlotte Day Wilson etc. and how they all collaborate and work together.

After the ‘Shoulders’ tour is done will there be any plans for an overseas tour on the horizon?

Yeah I’d love to play some shows outside of Australia next year, it’s something we’re working towards.

With self-taught talents such as Golden Vessel setting the standard, the Australian EDM scene should be getting a whole lot of your attention. We’ll be featuring some Aussie’s, such as Grand Pavillion, on our Sail Beats tour so nab your spot on deck now.