Croatia. To eat, to see to buy.

Croatia. To eat, to see to buy.

It seems like everywhere you look, someone, you know has been to or is going to—Croatia, you’re not alone. It’s now one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

If you fancy medieval charm and fascinating history or spending some quality time at quaint restaurants and chic bars, then Croatia is the perfect choice for a sojourn.

Throughout the year you will find various festivals to let your hair down and party the night away. Like, Ultra Festival which is Split’s top festival, Sonus Festival or even enjoying daytime parties Croatia has it all and it certainly won’t disappoint you.

Below we have listed some of the things we recommend you doing In-between the partying, in your time in Croatia.


  1. Surf’n’Fries

Ever had one of those big nights out? You know what I am talking about, the ones where you have had a few too many beers (in Croatian Pivos) and are a hankering for a cheeky Mc Donalds. The bad news is Split old town does not have Maccas, the good news is it has something much better…

Set up 2009, Surf n Fries gained famed instantly. In the last seven years they have opened their franchises in Ireland, Romania, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway and many more places included in the pipeline.

Surf’n’Fries, specialise in a range of products such as fries either the classic or the chocolate coated fries(Yup! You read that right). Apart from that there’s chicken nuggets, wings, hot dogs and much more.

Concerned about your health? So are Surf and Fries. What really sets them apart is that they have adopted a new approach in the way they serve their meals by an oil free technology which helps in tackling the problem of unhealthy fast food by using only air to make their special fries and other specialty products.

Tasty and Healthy meals? Surf n Fries definitely ticks off both the boxes.

You can find them on surfnfries.com and also on Facebook and Instagram.



  1. Galerija Food

Whether you are in Croatia on romantic rave with your loved one or are looking for somewhere to take your new tinder date, we have the perfect restaurant for you.

Galerija has got to be one of the romantic restaurants in Croatia. Located in the heart of of Duiocletian palace which by the way is around 1700 year old in a street called Vuškovićeva 3 (Split). It has a small yet a very beautiful terrace and garden.

The menu consists of a mix of Mediterranean and Contemporary dishes. Their signature dishes being Lamb Ragu and Beef cheeks.

All ingredients are purchased directly from local farmers nearby Split and all the groceries are organic from season to season.

Summers are usually the busiest time of the year. The main reasons why people come to Galerija is because of the beautiful ambiance,  delicious food, and the pleasant staff namely Marija – the host and Milan – the barmen who are always making sure your experience is a memorable one. You’ll get to meet a number of locals out here in the restaurant which really help the tourists in feeling the local vibe of Split. Plus on weekdays, they have DJs that set the perfect mood during dinner time. Galerija, take extra care in maintaining an healthy atmosphere in their bar and restaurant , as both the places are connected  and breathe like one.

If you stumble upon this place, you will definitely not be disappointed.”





  1. Game of Thrones Tour Split


Hands up if you know Croatia is where they film Westeros in Game of Thrones?

If you’re a massive Game of Thrones fan, and you are planning a trip to Croatia, then you’ll want to get your army ready to march along this Game of Thrones tour.

Imagine checking out the Diocletian’s Palace which served as the former slave city of Meereen and it was the setting for numerous scenes with Daenerys. It’s also the place where she locked up and trained her dragons and it is also the location for Daenerys’s throne room as the Meereen ruler or even you visiting a 600-year-old water mill (also a filming location). Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The Game of Thrones, Split is one of the highest rated tours in Croatia and is held in Split and Dubrovnik and are 2 in 1 which includes the perfect mix between historic facts about Split and the tour, meaning you get the experience of GoT and also learn more about the local history around which basically eliminates the need for an additional tour. They are lauded for their excellent service on every tour by their guests.

The whole tour has a friendly and an open atmosphere wherein you’ll be led by local guides such as Tino, Antonija or Andrea. They’ll provide you with lots of information, interesting stories from the GoT set.

During the end of the tour there’s dinner which is held at the water mill which includes a traditional Dalmatian barbecue dish called “peka”, bread made from flour milled at the water mill and locally made wine which by the way is the highlight of every visitor in Croatia.

So, are you ready for your one-of-a-kind Game of Thrones experience? Be ready, for it is an experience of a lifetime! We would highly recommend it.

For more information of the tour you can check out gameofthronestourcroatia.com and their Facebook page


       2. Jaksić Gallery


Other than Music, here at Beats Travel we love Art and Design

Lovers of design and art won’t be disappointed as there’s a new gallery in Split that has enriched the island of Brač like no other and that is Jaksić Gallery. The gallery is run by the Jakšić family, from Donji Humac, a village located on the island of Brač.

Having a workshop created by their ancestors in 1903, The trade has been passed down from generations and in 2008 the family decided to turn the workshop into an art gallery which consists of both workshops and a studio which is located in the family yard itself.

The gallery contains unique jewelry containing semiprecious stones and silver, beautiful sculpture and oil paintings created by all the members of the Jakšić family.

This is definitely an amazing experience and highly recommended if you love art and want to get something home specially created by the Jakšič family!

You can find them on Facebook and Instagram









  1. Nautical Bracelets

We all know the feeling; you are on holiday or finishing up your travels and have that sudden realization that you haven’t got your friends or family gifts. Not to worry, we have looked around to find the affordable gift you can tick off your list so you can get back to the partying and the important things you are out there for.

Break Time Croatia is a small quaint boutique store that only sells their own exclusive handcrafted nautical-inspired water-resistant jewelry and accessories.

Opened in December 2015 their flagship store is located in Trogirska ulica 8, Old Town Split. Since then it has expanded towards the south (Dubrovnik shop opened in spring 2017) and towards the north of the Adriatic Coast (Rovinj and Porec shops in Istria shop opened in spring 2018).

Each and every item in the shop is actually handmade in Split by the brand owner and designer, Ionut-Leonard Copoiu.

Starting this spring they are also offering custom engraving (in 12-24 hours) for some of the models and this is becoming a very popular choice, especially for gifts.

They pay close attention to quality over quantity and strive for perfection on each and every item that leaves the shops. The uniqueness and quality of their nautical souvenirs is actually what drives people to their stores – which includes locals and tourists of absolutely all ages – and that is what brought them about an unexpected rise to fame and success during their first summer (2015), when they ran out of products and Leonard, the Break Time artisan, had to literally work through the night so that they could stock up products in the shop to sell for the next day.

You can find the Break Time shop in Split on www.facebook.com/breaktime.split  and they also sell worldwide via their shopping site www.nautical-bracelets.com

  1. Cro Corner

The old town of Split has hundreds of souvenir shops but none stands out like Cro corner.

Located in Buvinina 1 Split 21000 Croatia, Cro Corner is a family run business which sells different merchandises which aren’t found elsewhere such as flags, pins, tees, mugs, soaps, brandy-liquors, artwork, jewelry and much more.

All of these products are locally produced and sold at the store. They pay close attention to the quality and the service being offered which is appreciated by everyone around Croatia and also makes it the main one reason why people flock to Cro corner. Summer is usually the busiest time of the year but that shouldn’t stop you from checking this place out.

To know more about the store you could check out their Facebook page