Hangover Must Haves After a Greek Night Out

We’ve all had one too many, then had to get up after only two hours sleep, feeling like death warmed up’s ugly duckling cousin. Anyone who has ever been near the Greek Islands, or heard tales of adventures there will know this is a pretty common scenario in this little slice of paradise. Greece is known for its night life after all.

We’re expecting a few hairy scenarios during Sail Beats (it’s a floating mini festival with tunes all day, and all night, it would be rude not to indulge), so we figured we had better give our pointers on hangover go-to’s after a night out in Greece.


Bloody Mary


Revered hangover cure worldwide, Bloody Mary’s get you back on the wagon at breakfast (and are completely socially acceptable pre-midday drinking). There is actually some logic to why Bloody Mary’s are an ideal hangover drink, it’s something to do with replacing lost nutrients, hydration, Vitamin C, and probably shocking your system with that dose of spice.


It’s the peak of summer and the summer sun is boiling down feeding your hangover and killing you slowly, so what is better than a frozen, juicy, delicious cocktail to make you feel better? If nothing else the brain freeze will make you temporarily forget about your hangover.




Ok this may straight up make you spew a little in your mouth, but mix our favourite, Scavi & Ray Prosecco, with a dash of orange juice (aka a Mimosa) and boom; breakfast, Vitamin C (just to prove you are looking after yourself), and that little tipsy buzz that makes you forget everything in no time.



You knew some sort of greasy, delicious, food had to be on the list. Australians will know this as the humble 4am kebab, and while Gyros may be slightly different, they will tell you in no uncertain terms how this is the actual elixir of life. Eat one before bed and wake up covered in grease with half of it still in your hand ready for breakfast.


When all else fails, sometimes you just got to take baby steps.