House of Voga

Do you sometimes get this inkling in the back of your mind that you should like Yoga, but find the idea of chanting ‘om’, clearing your mind and meditating, and filling the world with eternal love while attempting to be a pretzel, about as delightful as a hangover in a sauna?

Yoga is good for you, not much stands the test of time however yoga has been sworn by for 100’s of years. It’s good for you in the same way that partying, impeccable beats, dancing and cocktails are good for you – it feeds the soul.

There is nothing better than the feeling of stretching out those dance floor shackles, but with Goat Yoga, Hip Hop Yoga, Naked Yoga, Stoned Yoga, Laughter Yoga, and even Bier Yoga, when does the line of tradition end, and the fun genuinely begin without being a bit of a cop out?

The answer? The House of Voga. Brain child of Juliet Murrel, Voga brings the cardio to Yoga by incorporating 80’s dance ‘Voguing’; something which we can thank Madonna for. Love her or not, like Yoga, Madonna has also stood the test of time; so surely the combination of these two things is nothing but sheer ingenuity.

Combining music, cardio, yoga asana’s and breath work, The House of Voga workouts allow the blood circulation to get moving and detoxification of the body to get cracking. Something you definitely need after a big night or five.

Voga gives you cardio, whilst still knowing in the back of your mind you are taking care of yourself holistically, meaning indulging in new age mindfulness without losing your mind to boredom, should you be less of the traditionalist yogi. Please note traditionalists probably won’t like it, but Beats Travellers have never been into the traditional.

You won’t even notice you are exercising your body, or your mind.

House of Voga will be joining us for our inaugural Sail Beats week, you will stretch, dance laugh and sweat it out all aboard the decks while floating around the Greek Islands. Enough said really.