How do you explain your love of EDM, techno or trance? Part 2

Part 2

Looking at the rave culture in Europe, it’s a very different vibe to that found in Goa, India. Berlin, and increasingly Belgrade, are known for the hedonistic party atmosphere, Goa is a hedonistic paradise.

Deep house and, more commonly, trance music rule the land in Goa. The locals love it here as much as the tourists and not for a second do you ever think you have stepped outside of India with parties and clubs taking inspiration from traditional Indian imagery.

With all this in mind, this is where the true answer to how you can love electronic, house, trance and techno lies. The history of Goa’s party scene heads right back to the 60’s and 70’s when followers of the western hippy culture descended, and brought with them a connection between their love of electronic music, and spirituality. This spirituality came form the western worlds increasing appreciation of India’s ancient practices of yoga and meditation.

If you think about the fact that you can stand back and awkwardly sway to the music, you get caught up in the visuals or you close your eyes, what you are loving right here is being lead into a meditative state. You feel totally relaxed even though you are more than likely (certainly to your friends who’s musical loves lie elsewhere) surrounded by a chaos of lights, noise and bodies.

Yoga has certainly taken its place in western societies. Power yoga is a huge part of exercise regimes, however lately it is India’s more traditional practices of mindfulness and meditation that is making waves. Taking form in anything from adult colouring books to chanting sessions, what’s to say mindful meditation can’t takes its place on a dance floor, at a rave or in a club?

The moral of this story? If you have doofed in the bush, raved in a club, found yourself in the midst of underground Berlin, on the barges of Belgrade or living it up at festival after festival, then it is time to take yourself on a true trance journey to India. You don’t need your friends to have the musical experience of your subconscious dreams, the Beats crew will be loving life right alongside you, wishing they didn’t have to convince their friends of the amazing vibes of this world.


Madeline Kilby