All the love for Iceland

Fun fact, there is more ice in Greenland than in Iceland. This little bit of pub trivia proves that there is more to Iceland than meets the eye, which is why we can’t wait to kick off Iceland Beats next year and show you this often missed pocket of Europe.

First of all Iceland is arguably one of the most photogenic countries in Europe. This is a pretty big call to make, but once you get smacked in the face by Iceland’s beauty for even just a second, you will get it. This is the country where you can sleep in a glass igloo and stare up at the Northern Lights all night. It’s like nowhere else on this globe with landscapes looking like anything from the moon to luscious national parks.

While Scandinavia as a whole is known for its unique approaches to design, fashion, music and life in general, Iceland is on it’s own level. It’s something like that one teenager in the cool group that always danced to their own beat. It’s worth remembering that Björk is Icelandic as you muse over that.

As is the way in Scandinavian summers, the sun barely sets in Iceland making it the perfect location for a festival, because let’s face it, Beats Travellers aren’t exactly the kind of people who were into ‘lights out’ as kids. This is one tour to get excited for. Iceland is only 5 hours from New York, a stone’s throw from Europe and one crazy path your average tour won’t lead you down. If you want to check out Iceland our Icelandic Beats, Secret Solstice Festival experience is not to miss.

Madeline Kilby