Illyus and Barrientos on tour

1. We were with you at your recent Toolroom records show at Londons open-air venue Studio 338 & you looked like you had lots of fun. How was it for you to be playing such a top event?

It was an amazing experience to have such a massive crowd so early on! to be honest, we are still very much in the mode of ignorance of how many people enjoy what we do. The energy outside in the courtyard was crazy. Even before going on the decks the love and support was wild! One of the main highlights was us playing our record that no one had heard before. The reaction was unbelievable – second to none!

 2. Just after your set, Mark Knight dropped your track ‘So Serious’ for the second time that day. That must have made you feel pretty good, right?

Yeah, it did. Mark was a massive supporter of the record and picked it out to be released. In all honesty, we didn’t think it would take off as it has and hearing him playing it was really special and a proud moment.

 3. You’ve been travelling around a fair bit so far this year and that doesn’t look like it’s about to stop. Tell us where you’ve played and your highlights so far.

This year has been so fun already. We had our brand ‘Black Market’s night in London at EGG which was incredible and the fan base we gained off the back of it was another level.

We also really enjoyed Barcelona, playing with Claptope on the roof of the magnificent W hotel. It was a different atmosphere – nice and chilled evening set, but we loved it!

We headed to Asia for the first time and played at Together Festival, Bangkok! The love we received from the minute we arrived at the airport was overwhelming –  it shows how far music can spread.

We also had the opportunity to play at Hii Ibiza, which was amazing. Both of us have fond memories of dancing in the club when it was SPACE, so playing to that crowd in Ibiza and to test your own new records was a great moment for both of us!


4.  Here at Beats Travel, we are always on the move, visiting different places around the globe & constantly packing our bags onto the next destination. What are your essential 5 items that you can’t live without on tour?

1. Travel Cushions

2. Charger packs for phones

3. Netflix TV show downloads

4. Spare Tees  –  we tend to lose tees a lot when we go wild(TAPS AFF)!

5. Mosquito repellent(For IVAN)

5. We all get that 5am hunger after a festival or show. Do you have a post-set favourite feed?

It’s mostly ILLYUS that craves food after a set.

I: I love a nice crepe – if I can get one!

Did you try anything out of the ordinary in Asia?

We had some raw beef noodles & ivan was showing off with his chopstick skills… 6. Your hometown of Glasgow holds a special place in the heart of the music industry. Tell us a bit about what makes it such a special city & any travel tips you have for the Beats Travellers looking to visit.

The PEOPLE! They’re amazing, friendly, welcoming & always up for a good night!

Julie’s Kopitiam in Shawlands, Glasgow is a hot spot for good Asian food. They serve delicious Malaysian street food. https://www.facebook.com/julieskopitiam/

Also in the same area is a great coffee house called ‘south side roasters.’

If you’re looking for a decent drinking spot then you can’t go wrong with Max’s or Bananamoon.

Max’s[http://maxsbar.co.uk/] is a late night pub with top disco until 3 am and Bananamoon[https://www.facebook.com/Bananamoon360/] on Great western road has a chic 80s feel to it!

7. You’re joining us in New York soon for a string of North American shows. Are there any sights or food targets you’re keen to check out?

BROOKLYN! The last time as a tourist it felt like too much was based on manhattan, so we’re keen to check out Brooklyn this time around and are lucky enough to be playing at Output Roof!

 Independent record stores, clothes shops & some top whiskey are all on the to-do list!

8. Tell us what’s coming up for you both gig-wise and releases…

We’ve got a new release ‘MEA’ coming out on Toolroom on 27th July, followed by releases on Defected and Mother records in September and October.

After our North American dates, we’re playing back in our hometown of Glasgow, followed by Mexico city, Barcelona(back at the W hotel), Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Buenos aires
It sounds amazing when you list them out! Oh, and Australia is on the cards for early 2019 which we are excited about!
You can catch the guys in New York’s legendary Output club on the roof for a sunset set, hosted by local party-starters CACHE & SUPPLY. Free Entry for all!