Island of Pag – Croatia

Seems as the Beats Travel crew love Croatia we think its only right to tell you about the glories of its home, Pag Island, and all the reasons to go visit the slice of paradise at any time.

Croatia is a haven of beautiful islands along the Adriatic Sea, Pag is the 5th largest but its true appeal is its coastline, the longest of any of Croatia’s islands. Pag has earned itself a reputation of being a party island, however it is more than this. Naturally during the freezing cold of European winters beach parties don’t quite hold the same appeal!

With two main towns, Pag and Novalja (the home of Sonus Festival), Pag has historically been apart of the salt trade, agricultural market and, importantly, the island produces some top-notch wine! You can also pick up some traditional Pag lace for your grandmother, tell her it’s a beloved wall feature in many Croatian homes.

Pag is like a clash of generations, with its traditional side and the increasing party culture developing around Zcre Beach. If you are keen enough you could wander from one side to the other in the space of a day, stopping along the way to take in the quiet life, wine and cheese and meet the locals who keep this island alive all year round. For the true traveller seeing this side of your destination is just as important as experiencing the unique party life, so if you are keen to learn more about Croatia, make a b-line for Pag Island.