Jaipur – Pink City, Colourful People.

Jaipur is a destination on our Golden Beats tour for more than a few reasons. It’s the perfect destination to give you both a dose of history and culture, and physically immerse yourself within the hustle and bustle of an Indian city. Here you see ancient and modern combine in the most flamboyant pocket of this diverse country.

The capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur, is known as ‘The Pink City’. Pink traditionally is the colour of hospitality, consequently there is countless locals itching to show you even the smallest glimpse of life in their city.

Moving on from the fact that everything is pink, the architecture in Jaipur is pretty mesmerising, surrounded by ornate walls, it’s hard to believe that this city was once just a humble settlement (admittedly the construction started in 1727, which may not seem so long ago, but India is an ancient country). The Amber Fort is another highlight, like nothing you have ever seen, and definitely not like the stereotypical images of amber anyone who has visited the Baltic States will think of.

The cityscape is exotic, and the city surrounded by the raw natural landscape. There is no denying you can find yourself lost in culture shock in somewhere like Jaipur, but sometimes that’s not always a bad thing. It forces you to open your eyes to the way of life for the locals, and appreciate every crack, smile or colour you see on the streets.

Madeline Kilby