Jaz Beach Montenegro

With the lineup for Sea Dance Festival 2017 out (and looking amazing) it’s time to let you in on the secrets of Sea Dance Festival and the stunning Jaz Beach, Montenegro. For Great Gatsby fans we’re talking about “Little Montenegro on the Adriatic Sea” and now somewhere that could offer a party or two to put Gatsby back in his box.

Like many European beaches, Jaz Beach is a pebble beach which and has a massive campground located along it. This makes it the ideal spot for a camping festival, no need for shower lines and dodgey BO smells, just jump in the ocean to freshen up after sweating up a stinky storm dancing. Someone has clearly thought through this location and festivalgoers worldwide thank them for it.

Now the main, but slightly dull, information on Jaz is out of the way let the fun begin. Jaz beach has recently paved its place in the world for hosting some pretty top-notch festivals and concerts including The Rolling stones, and of course Sea Dance. Heading into its fourth year Sea Dance has attracted the likes of Skrillex, The Prodigy and Jamiroquai over the years.

Europeans are known for their liberal views on nudity and having comfort with their own skin. This is probably a large part of the reason more and more people are flocking to the continent, particularly the slightly more free minded Aussies! Becoming independent in 2006 Montenegro now protects many of its naturist resorts to offer everyone the chance to let loose in their birthday suit. 

With a number of secluded nooks around the coastline, there is plenty of options for your inner nudist. Jaz Beach itself was known for being the largest nudist beach in the area. Sadly it is no longer, so festival goers probably don’t flash the crowd too much. In saying that it would only seem fair to let your inner-nudist shine while in Montenegro and take a skinny dip slightly up the coast…. Be warned though: check the laws first because travel insurance will not cover that bail.