Only in London would you find a hard techno rave in a sausage factory and ironically enough, with a girls only policy at the door. Perhaps an unsuspecting, sound-proof basement in Berlin or New York would also host such a niche event but in London, it seems the underground creatures of the night like to think outside the box.

The simply titled ‘German Deli’ in Hamlet Industrial Estate, Hackney has been christened as the sacred space to hold a lesbian orientated, thundering techno night aptly named ‘Koodeta’.

Founded by two driven women dedicated to the weighty sound of industrial techno, Koodeta was daring idea that has been lovingly moulded into a successful girls only session of debauchery. ‘Koodeta’ is shaking up the London lesbian scene by booking influential female techno DJs to provide the perfect soundtrack to a wild and raucous occasion in what is essentially a giant fridge. To the outside world, the venue functions as a meat outlet during the day but when night falls, it certainly possesses a very different, enticingly electric vibe…

Beats Travel caught up with one of the ambitious co-founders of the night to find out more about the enigmatic gatherings and the next time we can celebrate the spirited relationship between a female audience and unforgiving techno reverberating under one roof…


What is your definition of the Koodeta ethos?


Koodeta is first and foremost for female-identifying individuals of all sexualities. But even so, we are not anti-men. Men are welcome – although at a significantly lower number and only to prior selection. Men granted entry are considered family and are known and trusted by the organizers.


Male artists outnumber female artists. Yet talented and inspiring, emerging and underground female techno artists are out there. Koodeta supports them alongside more known female artists.


A loving vibe is everything to us. Anyone with the right attitude is welcome – anyone who we trust will enjoy, respect, and enhance this shared experience.


Except at our private launch night, we won’t take pictures – neither should you. Koodeta is meant to be a safe space for women who love women who love techno and everything that comes with it. ‘No pictures’ means you can be, do, act & dress however and whatever you like without getting interrupted and distracted by camera lenses.

Privacy is holy.


What gave you the confidence to start the Koodeta nights?

We’re a bunch of girls who love hard/industrial Techno. Many of us travel frequently to techno capitals around the world to get a decent and memorable fix.

We had enough of disappointing vibes at raves in London and the standard lesbian night, so we wanted to create our own party here at home.


What is the best thing about having a lesbian techno night in German sausage factory in East London?

Well our first headliner Dasco was a vegan DJ – just amazing! The venue is something else – the dancefloor is in an industrial fridge, it is naturally sound proof and it comes with a heavy sound system. There are many areas to break out and have a moment. The venue is very warm and home-y. It feels like a house party on steroids. During the day this sausage factory is an actual deli and warehouse. Where we serve drinks is where customers buy their sausages and sauerkraut. There is something about this day to night transformation that we adore.


Who has DJ’d for Koodeta so far?


Michelle Manetti

Marie Malarie


What is your decision process when selecting your headline DJs? Can we ever expect male DJs to spin at Koodeta?

At the moment we’re not looking to get male artists to play for us.


Can straight ladies attend the Koodeta parties?

All women with the right attitude are welcome.


Techno has many sub-genres these days, what exactly is the type of sound on offer for the event?

 Hard and brutal kick in the teeth techno.


Why do you think there aren’t more lesbian-orientated techno nights in London at the moment?

Occasionally there are electronic, house and deep house events. So it feels like there is definitely a need for change of direction. But so far there hasn’t been a night with hard and dark techno for girls yet. I don’t know why. But it’s changing now.


What would you say to a gay/straight girl who is curious about the parties but is apprehensive about attending such an event?

We don’t want to convince anyone they should come. The promise is simple: If you’re into techno, you should come. You will enjoy this. If you aren’t, this isn’t for you and that’s also fine.


Who would be your top artists you’d like to see playing at Koodeta?


Rachel Lyn



When is the next Koodeta gathering and what words would you have for any newcomers who would be quite new to an exclusively lesbian, industrial Techno fuelled night?

25th February.

For newcomers: be kind, and you’re in for a memorable time.


What has been the craziest moment you have witnessed so far at the Koodeta raves?

… ‘privacy is holy’


Finally, who are your top five female producers and DJs that epitomise the Koodeta ethos?



Ireen Amnes

Anna Haleta

Stephanie Sykes


Koodeta returns the Hackney fridge on February 25th…




Niamh O Connor