Magnetic Fields

Beats Travellers listen up because now its time for something a bit special and to enlighten you to the magic of Magnetic Fields Festival in Rajasthan, Northern India.

Described as “a magical musical carnival where the fun never ended”, Magnetic Fields is set in the 17th century palace, Alsisar Mahal, oh and is co-run by a prince who has been spotted side stage busting out the running man in the past. Like Beats Travel, Magnetic Fields wants to take you on a trip through the culture and history of the location, mingling with the locals and feeling at one with your temporary home. All the while everyone likes to make sure an excellent time is being had through weird and wonderful experiences and adventures.

Magnetic Fields is a Pandora’s Box of secret parties and treasure hunts. You can go star gazing, take a yoga class, camp “like a Bedouin”, or live in the palace like royalty. The line up brings together the freshest of India’s sounds, the infamous euphoria of Goa Trance, and some top-notch international underground techno and house acts. All while paying homage to a local, cultural, line up as well. When the raving gets too much you can chill out on the palace lawns.

This festival is like living in a palace and having a team who cater to your every whim and fantasy at your fingertips. Sadly it only goes for three days, however it is literally the festival to cater to your every need.

Some of our team will be attending this festival next week so make sure you watch this space!