Meet Juan from the Elrow Family

An experience words cannot explain, you have to see it, feel it and hear it for yourself. The Elrow family have been bringing the best vibes & creating the most off-the-wall parties for a century, so you know you’re in safe hands no matter which party of theirs you attend across the globe.

Our resident interviewer Frankie, catches up with Juan from the Elrow family to discuss teaming up with Hardware Presents in Melbourne on Saturday 13th January at Shed 14 and in Sydney on Saturday 20th January at the Hordern Pavilion. Think the best of electronic dance music with Nick Fanciulli on the decks, outrageous characters towering above you, magical confetti cannons & experiential moments pushed to the max with an infectious, electric atmosphere.

Hi Juan, hope you’re well, are you in Barcelona?

Yes, sure am, I have just got to the office- it is a beautiful morning here Frankie!

Tell me a bit about your average day when planning the next Elrow experience?

The process is quite long, there are lots of people involved in the process- I book the party venue, as I am the main contact within the industry as my family have been in the business for over one hundred years! The commercial part of Elrow is therefore something which I deal with. When I book a date, I contact all of the team and we start the process 3 months before the show. We have these huge containers which we ship all over the world containing everything for a big party. All of the decorations sit here in Barcelona in our Elrow warehouse, which is around 2000 square metres. Two months before, we ship it out. We hire lots of the performers such as the stilt walkers from the local area to where the next party is, and we also bring our own Elrow family out there too. Five days before the show, we really push it out and we start the set up ideally a couple of days before, but sometimes we only have a few hours…

Whose lucky job is it to get creative and decide the theme?

Obviously a very important part of the planning stages…

Now the company has grown, we have a team of 4 people in our creative department who decide these things but it used to be myself, my sister as my family are so involved. We love to go for the craziest ideas put on the table!

Wow, that sounds like a great job! Obviously Elrow is all about the whole experience, it totally blew my mind in Ibiza this year. Learning from you that Elrow is not just a party, but a family legend- makes it even better. Can you please tell me a monumental moment for you guys as a family over the years?

Elrow has taken a long time to get to where it is now. It began in a club near Barcelona airport and in the very start it lost a lot of money and we had to rethink. It was myself, my sister, my mother and father who decided that it has to be more about the customer experience. Traveling to more than 35 countries across the world every year, as a family, is something we dreamed of. Throwing parties in cities such as London, Miami, and Sydney, New York, festivals such as Glastonbury and Tomorrowland- and having a stage there- so special. My father and mother have been going to Ibiza for their whole lives, so all of these times we see now, are so incredible.

Where in the world do you feel most inspired?

I would say South Africa. I lived there before, and met so many special people. I feel so inspired by their parties and creativity. They care more about the value of the party, than the names. A lot of the people I met had never heard about Carl Cox for example, which blew my mind. Elrow is about the balance, great music and talent but we are so about the experience and feeling.

You definitely find the balance with Elrow! You also have great lineups coming up for your Australia parties with the likes of Fanciulli-

Friends over there told me that they are ready for Elrow. I am bringing a couple of regular DJs from Spain, but I have told them that they can choose international acts, which is where Fanciulli comes in and also some local acts. We are very excited, tickets are selling very well and I do hope Melbourne and Sydney are ready! I do not like to push the brand too much, it has to be a mutual decision. I like the promoters to come to me and tell me to bring the Elrow experience to them when they believe the crowd is there.

Well, Ibiza, Barcelona and this side of the world are most certainly loving the mind melting Elrow experience, it is such a wicked hedonistic brand- do you have a bigger plan if this is possible?

Yes, for sure- in the next few years we want the brand to be worldwide, we are doing 150 shows in 40 countries next year in places such as South America, we want to connect with the people over there in Peru etc. We are also doing shows in Asia, America, Canada and I would like to be present in the top 20 cities worldwide, and we are starting our own festival party too. We are also wanting to create a boutique party in Amsterdam in 2018, we have such amazing things in the pipeline but I can’t tell you too much about that yet!

We love the boutique festival experience at Beats Travel, you should check out our boutique party at Sail beats too! I cannot wait to hear more Juan, and I could sit and talk to you all day but I best let you get to work, thank you for your time this morning.

Frankie, it has been a pleasure, thank you so much for thinking about us and please come to Elrow again soon, I would love to meet you in person!

Elrow are teaming up with Hardware presents in Australia in 2018 to bring the amazing Elrow show to Melbourne and Sydney. 

This innovative concept blends dance, electronic music, impossible sets, outrageous characters, absurd costumes; and when you add the participation of the public, it then becomes an unbeatable and fully experiential show, both magical and inclusive at the same time.

Its combination of great artists as well as the contagious, incomparable atmosphere of the shows make up an unbeatable formula.


Frankie Salt