It’s time we told you about Montenegro, home of Sea Dance Festival.

For anyone who’s kept up to date on movies, or studied any kind of literature, you would be familiar with it as “little Montenegro on the Adriatic Sea”, as described by Gatsby. Yes, it is little, and it sure is on the Adriatic Sea, but as the age old saying goes, big things come in small packages.

Basic facts first. Montenegro basically translates to ‘Black Mountain’. Despite being less than 14,000 square kilometres (or less than 6000 square miles) at manages to border five countries: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovnia, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania. It is literally in the middle of three of our Balkan Beats destinations, and the perfect place for tourist weary travellers, such as ourselves, who want to find themselves awestruck by a hidden gem.

Despite its small size, Montenegro has an astounding number of art galleries, ranging from your typical European classic style art, to several contemporary galleries, including one hidden away Montenegro’s Petrovic Castle, housing of the most diverse art collections in Europe.

Montenegro has a rich collection of classical architecture, littered with modern instalments (the beautiful kind, eyesores kept at a minimum). Restaurants featuring plush purple velvet seating are mixed in with curry houses, so yes; you can get your fix. Drinking options range from a traditional Scottish tavern, through to bustling live music venues. Cocktails, beer or wine, whatever your poison you will find a unique way to drink it.

We head to Montenegro for the brilliant SeaDance Festival, held at Jaz Beach in Budva. A former nudist beach it’s just more proof this tiny country literally ticks every single box, making it a truly unique destination.