Music Festivals In India that you should travel for

These are the top festivals that Beats Travels would recommend you to try out on our Beats India tour


  1. Timeout 72

This music festival was started last year in 2017 which was held in Vagator, Goa for three days is supposed to be the Indian version of Coachella, brought together a mix of artists from all over the world. For its inaugural year they roped in artists such as Jason Derulo, Wiz Khalifa, Martin Garrix (Yup! You read that right), Skazi, Don Diablo to name a few.

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Image credit: www.facebook.com/TimeOut72


  1. Magnetic Field

Image credit: www.facebook.com/magneticfieldsfestival

Beats Travel have teamed up with Magnetic Field Festival which is a music experience set in the beautiful Alsisar Mahal, Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan, India for a duration of 3 days. It’s a festival that celebrates music, art culture, food and much more. The festival is held in December. Over the years, the festival has earned a reputation of being a unique festival in the music scene in India. The festival aims at promoting new artists from the country having a fresh sound to offer and also giving opportunity to play alongside Music heavyweights.


  1. Hornbill

Image credit: Vikramjit Kakati

Another popular festival which is gaining popularity over the years is the Hornbill festival. It is held in the scenic panoramic views of Kohima in Nagaland. This festival takes place over a week and is held in December.

It was an initiative by the state government that led to the creation of this event which focuses on creating a platform for Northeastern artists and bands to meet other musicians from different parts of the county.


  1. Ragasthan

Image credit: www.facebook.com/Ragasthan

Set in the picturesque sand dunes of Jaisalmer, Ragasthan is a three day musical event that provides music goers a different experience, wherein you get to camp out on the sands under the star lit sky and enjoy the music scene and digging in the authentic Rajasthani cuisine which sounds pretty magical don’t you think?

This festival is mainly held for the promotion of eco-friendly tourism and preservation of the Rajasthani culture.  Apart from the music and camping, Ragasthan also provides people with open-air movie screenings, art installations, bon fire sessions and much more.


  1. Vh1 Supersonic

Image credit: www.facebook.com/Vh1Supersonic/

The first edition of Vh1 Supersonic  festival took place in Goa in 2013. It is the idea of Nikhil Chinnappa who is the pioneer of the dance and music scene in India that got the idea of starting a music festival in India. It initially started off as a small beach side EDM festival has since then grown into becoming  one of the most popular music festivals in the country. Last year they shifted base from Goa to Pune whilst attracting the best EDM, pop, rock, indie, trance acts from around the world.

The music festival has brought to India some of the best music artists such as Major Lazer, Marshmello, Alt-J, Sean Paul, Skrillex, Macklemore, Steve Aoki  amongst several others.


  1. Sunburn

Image credit: www.facebook.com/SunburnFestival

Started in the year 2007 by Shailendra Singh from Percept along with Nikhil Chinnappa. Sunburn over the years has earned the reputation of being a well established EDM festival which has actually set a standard for the music scene here in India and probably the world.  Goa had been a venue for Sunburn for a no of years but the past two years have seen a change in the venue. Well, no matter where you are at, this is a festival you need to attend.

From world renowned DJs such as Afrojack, Tiesto, Josh Wink and many more, to workshops and adventure activities such as hot air ballooning etc this makes it a one of a kind of a festival you can’t afford to miss.

by Ryan Noronha