Olivier Giacomotto on Tour

As Olivier Giacomotto brings his blend of French tech house to Australian shores we caught up with the DJ/Producer to find out a little more about his recent releases and what he’s got in store.

Hey Olivier, thank you for taking the time to speak to us. How are you doing today?
All good, I’ve just started my Asia/ Australian tour, I will do 8 cities in 14 days, I know it’s going to be heavy but I ’m sure it will also be unforgettable!

Where in the world are you right now?
Right now I ’m in Bangkok, I played Sing Sing Theatre yesterday night, and to be honest, for my first appearance in Thailand, it was huge, great club, great sound system, great crowd… I had a really good experience. I t’s a shame I could n’t stay longer, I ’m now in the airport on my way to S ingapore.

Not only do you make music and tour all over the world, but you also have your own record label Definitive Records; how do you find the time to juggle all of this!?
I t’s hard to juggle with my ’ lives ’ , I ’m a producer during the week, a DJ during the weekend, a father of 2 daughters on top of that, an d there is Definitive Recordings, but thankfully I ’m not alone running the label, it’s original founder John Acquaviva is also in the loop, so it makes things easier.

Am I correct in assuming you first got into production whilst working in London? Would you say London has played a big part in your career to date?
London is where I learned how to produce music. Working in a big recording studio, with major mainstream artists and producers was such a great experience, it definitely played a big part of what I am now, and I guess every great person I have met during my life, every gig, culture, country, city, has something good to give, and I try to take the best out of everything I find on my path…. I also like to share as much as possible, this is how I love to live.

You are Australia this June to play three shows across the country, what’s your favourite thing about performing in Australia?
Every city has a different crowd, in Australia and all over the world, there is no specific thing about Australia , it’s always great to arrive in the city and discover a club, a crowd, and make the best out of all those elements together, and to be honest I’ve never been disappointed in Australia so far.

You have played your music all over the world but do you have a favourite country to visit and play to?
Seems that Brazil is the country I play more than all the others, I go there 6 times per year, especially in the Santa C Catarina state, people are friendly, they have huge clubs, great parties, it’s always fun.
You’re originally from France, how you feel the French Tech House scene? Do you feel it’s getting stronger or has it always been a good tech scene?
The French scene has been strong for decades, it started in 1984 and 33 years after it’s still very strong and even gets stronger every year… that is the strength of the underground.

Can you tell us a bit more about your recent Toolroom EP?
I ’ll release an EP on Toolroom in S September with my friend Thomas Gandey called ’ What About Acid ’ … keep your ears open during my next gigs, you’ll surely spot it.

When you’re touring, do you have anything that you simply can’t live without?
Probably my iPad, I have movies and books inside, it helps during the long flights, I also cannot travel without my laptop, I want to be able to produce anytime I need to.

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive in a new city for the first time?
Always the same process…. airport, hotel, restaurant, club, hotel, airport… I try to eat local food and appreciate the culture as much as possible, even if time is short.

Finally, what more can we expect to come from Definitive Records in 2017?
We decided to slow down for a while, we want to think about a new musical orientation for the next 3 years, but it will always be about quality, always.

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