Secret Solstice Festival Line Up 2017

As if Secret Solstice doesn’t sound sweet enough, just for being what it is, this festival comes along with a lineup that almost makes raving under the Midnight Sun seem like a mundane addition to the festival…almost.

Seth Troxler is an artist the Beats Travel crew has seen many times, and without a doubt, can never fail his sets. His reputation precedes him, and given his talent, as it should.

With our techno and EDM addiction well and truly catered for, Dusky, The Black Madonna and Droog all get a look in.

Beats Travel Affiliate Artist French Toast is also featured on the lineup, some of you may be failiar with him from out Chase The Beat events in London.

These guys are all legends in their own right, however there is the small matter of some of the headlining acts of Secret Solstice to take into consideration, such as these small guys who have been playing music for nearly three decades (and still as fresh as ever) known as The Prodigy. You may be familiar with their track ‘Breathe’ and possibly one or two others, they’ve pumped out a couple here and there.

Richard Ashcroft (former front man of The Verve) is featuring with his enchanting vocals, and The Foo Fighters will also play their set, something which is certainly beyond worthy of your attention.

So if that lot don’t get a look in to the playlist of your life at some point in all your years on this Earth then god help you, crawl back under that rock.

This is just a small glimpse of what is shaping up to be an epic line up. With a host of local acts featured you will become well and truly acquainted with what it is to be a music lover in Iceland, which is something few can brag to know about.

Icelandic Beats will take you to Secret Solstice Festival and on an adventure across this mysterious and stunning country. The tour kicks off on the 12th of June so jump on board ASAP to nab your spot.