Serenity in Sarajevo

The city of Sarajevo is probably best known for the conflict that claimed thousands of lives & destroyed equally as many homes & businesses. Although for many travellers the conflict that tore Sarajevo apart seems like a distant historical fact, it was actually barely 20 years ago. The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, situated in a valley, and along the Miljacka River, even the simplest of descriptions will show you that despite the past, it is a picturesque jewel in the crown of The Balkans.

The true metropolis for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo is the fastest growing city in the region because of the post war rebuild, something which the community and political leaders alike take very seriously. It has become cultural hub for fashion, media, entertainment and the arts.

Sarajevo is often regarded as the most musically influential city in The Balkans. This is an infuence in all aspects of music from classical to rock. The city has formed a collection of artists filed away under the Sarajevo school of pop rock, and churned out artists whose musical genre is classified ‘industrial noise’. It’s all fun, unique, and continues to develop into something a little bit different from cities around Europe.

So guide book topics aside, what is it about Sarajevo that made Beats Travel choose it as a destination for our Balkan Beats tour? Like any of our destinations, the people make up a huge part of the reason. They could be forgiven for shunning foreigners, but instead Sarajevo is a city of people with huge hearts, and open arms. Secondly the city is filled with a collection of bars ranging from the eccentric, intimate or rave-worthy. There is even a Mexican themed venue for anyone really wanting to mess their heads around with extreme culture shock. Last of all, it is back to that picture postcard worthy scenery. In a city that was all but destroyed in one of the longest city sieges in modern history, barely 20 years ago, you can’t help but wander round in awe.