Why we love Troxler

Seth Troxler is one of those techno DJs who has the reputation of a party boy, and the talent that makes it OK to have a reputation that precedes you. Playing some of the worlds biggest festivals including Coachella, Glastonbury and Burning Man, he has even made an appearance at a good old Australian ‘Bush Doof’ playing Strawberry Fields festival in 2014. Most importantly our Beats Travellers crew have been raving to Seth Troxler in Club Papaya at Sonus Festival.

Troxler was born in Michigan and spent much of his childhood hanging out in the radio studio where his step-dad worked. Because that doesn’t sound fun enough, after his family moved to Detroit when he was 14 he began hitting up underground techno raves during the late 90’s: arguably one of the best decades for the underground rave scene.

Submerging himself in the underground music scene at such a young age, it was inevitable Troxler would make his name as both a DJ and producer stick. Playing a whopping 158 gigs in 2012 alone he was constantly voted in the top three of Resident Advisors Top 100 DJs. Not too shabby really for someone who is only in his 30th year on this planet.

Troxler is a very loud, outspoken voice against the commercialisation of dance music and dance festivals. He believes in making music for the culture of it and appreciation, not for a profit. He cares about the future of dance and techno, as should you if you do really love everything festivals such as Sonus are about.

Be warned though. Seth Troxler thinks we are now breeding a generation of “impatient, annoying festival kids”. This is a good warning not to get bratty at festivals. We’re all about the good vibes only at Beats Travel. You’ll also find him out and about in crowds at any festival he plays so if you want a lesson or two in how to party, keep your eyes peeled.

Madeline Kilby