Tanglewood Festival

We’ve taken you through some of Australia’s top Summer festivals, and by now you should get the idea that they do things a little differently in the festival world in Australia. Most festivals are camping festivals, located in remote, but beautiful, parts of the countryside. The festival goers take their outfits to a whole new level, and the music is commonly a blur everything from EDM to Pay-Trance, Folk and god knows what in between.

Tanglewood Festival helped around 3000 kindred souls ring in the New Year in a tiny town called Thornton, located near Lake Eildon in Victoria. This is a stunning part of the world, with tree covered hills surrounding the paddocks the festival was held in. Thornton is not so far from many parts of Victoria that were devastated by the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009, charred remnants of which can be seen in the distance from the festival site giving you an even stronger appreciation for the beauty of this land.

Tanglewood features two stages, a healing and wellbeing space, one small bar, a market area complete with delicious food, and a play area for kids (Tanglewood is family friendly). The beauty of this type of festival is that it is BYO, with a very strict no glass policy to respect the land (the cattle are moved to different paddocks for the duration of the festival, before being moved back after the final clean up).

The fun and games, however, all come down to the music, from the dark beats of the funk tunnel to the creativity of the jam tent and the variety of techno and trance to the smooth sounds of Ash Grunwald that wound the festival down. One of the highlights was a Burning Man inspired piece of machinery in the form of a giant bug. Fully mechanical it could be driven around with ever changing lights, and retractable legs and wings. This bug is a fully fledged DJ booth.

Although this is a camping festival, with now showers, people do not just pitch a tent and say done. Campsites are kitted out with couches, marquee’s fairy lights, flags and even occasional trampolines. If you feel the need to freshen up, or cool off, there is a river not far away and pass outs provided for people to head there for a swim.

It would be easy to sit back and write a whole essay on Tanglewood, from the beauty of that smaller festival to the strict ‘No Dickheads’ policy it’s truly something special. This is a quintessential Australian festival, a true doof. If this sounds like your jam make sure you are in Australia next summer for the festival season, you will without a doubt have the summer of your life.

All images thanks to Tanglewood Festival