The Petting Zoo

Melbourne’s techno scene has exploded to some weird, wonderful and unique proportions in the last few years. It’s not just about club gigs, it’s about underground events, full weekend festivals, and major day parties, such as The Petting Zoo.

With a name like The Petting Zoo,it’s pretty hard to explain to most people what you are actually doing for the weekend without a few suss looks and some questions that can only come with an obscure answer.

The Petting Zoo is Melbourne’s first open air street party, which with the focus on techno music is pushing the city into new directions. With a different live music venue closing every other month, and a lot of festivals suffering at the hands of legal issues, The Petting Zoo managed to take on a new level, shutting down two streets in the Docklands district of Melbourne. Located underneath a multi story carpark, a huge highlight of the day was looking up at the families staring down at the menagerie below as they bundled their children into the car after a day of Christmas shopping.

The day attracted international acts such as Belgium’s Kolombo, Norway’s Finnebassen, and German duo Format:B with their unique breed of tech house. Locals included Luke Vecchio, a well known member of the Melbourne tech scene, Boogs and Steve Ward, all names to look up if you ever find yourself in Melbourne.

The Petting Zoo is a project formulated from the minds of Organic Audio, who have worked on other major Australian Doofs (Australian for festival) such as Strawberry Fields. No stone was left unturned, confetti canons fired, dancers framed the stage, and the animal theme was rife throughout, with something capturing your eyes at every corner. It’s not bad for a few streets in an otherwise desolate corner of Melbourne on a Saturday afternoon in December.