Tropico – Mexico

Beats Travel may focus on Europe and India (for now!) but this doesn’t mean we don’t have the same love for every corner of the globe. We want to inspire our friends to travel, and experience new and wonderful cultures and music scenes, because this is after all what motivated the birth of Beats Travel.

We’ve recently been inspired by a festival in Mexico called Tropico. Taking place in early December, and like many of our European favourites, Tropico takes place on the beach in the city of Acapulco in the state of Guerrero, located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

2015’s line-up rubs shoulders with the likes of Mac De Marco, 2 Many DJS, Damien Lazarus & The Ancient Moons to name a small selection. Local and international acts intermingle at Tropico, giving ravers a good dose of the Mexican music culture.

Just like Beats Travellers, Tropico believe there is more to a festival experience than just music. Wanting to highlight culture and community, and go beyond the standard music festival image, the team behind the festival see it as a chance for both old and new friends to meet and dance, party and appreciate together. To fuel this collaborative dream Tropico also celebrates fashion, design and creative projects. With of course a decent dose of sun and pool parties.

If you are going to find yourself anywhere near Mexico in early December, give yourself an early Christmas present and head to Tropico! You can find more details on their webpage: http://www.tropicomx.com/ which Google Translate will translate into English for you.

If you make it there let the Beats crew know all about it! We love to know everything we can about the world’s music festivals.





Written by Madeline Kilby