Unsound Festival Poland


Beats Travel is all about heading off the beaten track, but Unsound Festival in Poland takes this to the next level. Setting the theme as ‘Surprise’, this Krakow based festival shatters any ideas you may have in your head about what a festival is.

Unsound Started off in Krakow in 2003, however since then is has expanded to take place around the globe in locations such as New York City, London, Toronto, Adelaide, Prague, Bratislava, and editions in some more obscure locations such as Tbilisi, Minsk, and Kiev.

This festival prides itself on dealing with “evolving and mutating forms of music”, which is an excellent way of describing some of the emerging cross breeds that have been delighting music fans of late. They also have a focus on visual arts which takes Unsound to the next level.

The festival has taken a theme of surprise and held tight the names of performing artists, allowing festival goers to walk into the festival with a feeling of freedom, not bound by a clashing set list, and instead wandering around discovering new and amazing music.

But this surprise line up was nothing compared to the ultimate surprise. One of the biggest tourist attractions in Krakow is the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Anyone who has been there will have marvelled at its intricate salt carvings and glamorous chandelier lit ballroom…125 metres underground. So picture yourself in this ballroom, as part of a festival crowd. Huge rumours spun that this was the scene for London garage producer Burial’s first ever live set. It wasn’t, but it sure got tongues wagging.

Unsound is run by a non-for profit organisation, Fundacja Tone Muzyka i Nowe Formy Sztuki (Tone Foundation for Music and New Forms of Art), and it’s focus is only on giving people the ultimate festival experience. Unsound remains one of Europe’s best festivals; it hands out the unknown to keep punters delighted and guessing year after year.


Madeline Kilby