Who is a Beats Traveller?

The old saying goes your vibe attracts your tribe, but what if there is a tribe that attracts your vibe, a tribe that hates clichés.

Does your world revolve around music, and are your thoughts consumed with finding every last beat that is hidden round the globe?

Welcome to the dark side. The side where you love a deep, dirty bass line and hearing it in places where you loose yourself, and your location on the map, but don’t care because you have no desire to leave just yet. You want to be surrounded by a crew who feel the exact same way, but also know the way home because they are the ones that brought you here, and here is the best party of your life.

You love to discover new music, but your ears cry at the sound of Top 40 or Justin Bieber (although everyone has a dirty secret, so we promise not to give you too much grief). When you step through the gates at a festival you feel as though you are being welcomed home to the Promised Land.

Or maybe, for you, the dark side is the side where travelling means strolling along with your head in the guidebook. You can’t read another ‘Top 10 Places To See Before You Die” or take another tip from your mate who went on a tour 5 years ago when they were fresh out of nappies. What you crave is to eat the local cuisine, dance in the hidden bars, chat to a local about their favourite tunes and find yourself off the beaten track.

A Beats Traveller is someone who treats their crew like family. Does all of this sound like who you are, and what you crave? Then come join the Beats Travellers Family.