Why Belgrade is the new Berlin

From beautiful cafes filled with travelers to the vibe of the techno beats which keeps the party lovers dancing till the wee hours of morning this place is definitely something to experience.

It’s not Barcelona or even Berlin. Its Belgrade!

Serbia is a country filled with breathtaking landscapes and its vibrant cities makes one’s journey through this country a memorable one. From its rich and fascinating history, to its stunning architecture and lively nightlife this place makes it one of the best destinations for travelers who are on a budget and who don’t want to compromise on luxury and experiences.

Here are the top recommendations about what to do and see in Belgrade.

  1. The Party Scene

Thanks to its youthful population and reasonable prices, Belgrade has emerged as one of Europe’s important party destinations. Most of the nightlife centres around the river banks of Sava which are lined with floating clubs called Splavovi which means raft. The party remains open all night long till sunrise.

Image credit: www.beogradnocu.com

Apart from that, there are plenty of festivals to keep one entertained throughout the year. For example, Exit Festival which takes place at the Petrovaradin Fortress on the Danube in the city of Novi Sad. Some of the artists who have performed here include Snoop Dog, The Killers, Iggy Pop, David Guetta, Jamiroquai and so on. So if you want to experience good music with the perfect vibe, Exit should definitely be on your list to start off with.

Image credit: EXIT Festival



Guča is probably the most famous trumpet festival in the world. It is held in the small town of Guča, which is located near the city of Čačak, about 200 km away from the Serbian capital Belgrade. It’s so well kown that 600,000 people visit this festival every year. That is a large number of trumpet lovers, right?

Image credit: BBC


  1. Cafes and Restaurants

If clubbing and dancing are not your thing, there is a fantastic Café culture, which brings in a lot of travelers. Plus, if you want to try out the authentic eating experiences you can visit the cobbled streets of Skadarija quarter. It is considered as the main bohemian quarter of Belgrade and often referred to as ‘the Montmartre of Belgrade’. You’ll find a variety of different cafes and restaurants here to suit ones taste buds.

Image credit: www.belgradeconcierge.com

The cuisine of Serbia is a fusion of Asian and South East European dishes. Grilled meat, sausages, local cheese and breads are pretty popular out here. Vegetarians fear not, you’ll be happy to learn that the country is famous for its wide use of vegetables, both fresh and cooked.

Some of the recommended specialties include:

  1. Roštilj: Its a plate of grilled meat or chicken usually stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon. A foodie’s dream right?

Image credit: www.suvremena.hr

2. Pljeskavica: This is the Serbian version of a hamburger, and who wouldn’t try it? It’s a grilled dish of spiced meat patty mixture of pork, beef and lamb.

Image credit: www.cookingtheglobe.com

3. Ćevapčići: This is probably one of the most famous dish in Serbia, its known as Ćevapi. It consists of minced meat, pork or beef which is shaped like small sausages and grilled to perfection!


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  1. Day out in Ada Ciganlija

Another great place to visit if you are visiting the city in the summer is, Ada Ciganlija. It’s a peninsula that lies just outside of the city. Its a perfect spot to chill out, picnic with family and friends, swim or participate in some water sport activities.

Image credit: www.ibikebelgrade.com

  1. Serbian Folklore and Culture

If you still have the time to explore the city, you can take a day trip from Belgrade to the countryside to experience the rural life of Serbia, a country whose folklore is very visually rich to observe in person.

Do visit the Museum inside Belgrade such as the Nikola Tesla Museum to know about the culture of the country.

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If you want to experience the nightlife of Belgrade, to enjoying the mouth watering cuisine or simply immersing yourself in the culture that the country has to offer,  do join our crew as we set sail on our Balkan Beats Tour this July.

by Ryan Noronha