Why take a tour to a festival?

We get it, you think to yourself, I’ve done plenty of festivals, I’ve got this, I can do it myself, so why do I need to go on a tour? The thing is loading your car up with a tent, an esky and getting amongst a convoy with 20 of your best mates isn’t exactly going to a festival in another continent. In fact if it is something you love doing you probably aren’t even remotely removed from your comfort zone by doing this, not to mention clearly being with a huge group of your friends.

The festival landscape in each country is very different to the next, the locations are sometimes quite remote and challenging to get to, accommodation and tickets sell out pretty quickly, and above all, if you are travelling solo there are few people out there who would enjoy going to festival with tens of thousands of people on their own.

Chances are if you are strapping on a backpack to go travelling you probably don’t have much in the way of camping gear, nor does the idea of every last possession you have with you getting drowned if the rains come down and flood that el cheapo tent you picked up. Pre-booked dorms and organised transport alone seem a pretty good reason to go on a tour when heading to a festival.

All of this though seems quite a practical approach to jumping on board a tour to head to a festival, but have you considered that the best reason is an oh so simple one? Crew. The people you will meet on a Beats Travel tour share your same love of music, partying and festivals. With them you will discover some hidden music gems in some equally hidden destinations, rave on beaches, mosh in fortresses, dance on river barges and take a journey together before you even arrive at the festival. Each and every festival you go to will be amazing, but like any experience, it’s the people and the journey that make it unforgettable.

Madeline Kilby