Woogie Weekend

Ok. So America isn’t exactly a Beats Travel destination at this point in time, but who said world domination wasn’t a part of the plan? We have been keeping a pretty close eye on some pretty sweet festivals that are happening all around the globe, and one that has recently caught our eye is Woogie Weekend in California.

Located half way between LA and San Diego, it’s a pretty scenic spot on a lake, with mountains all round; and you can imagine that Woogie Weekend attracts an array of music lovers and festival goers, from Burners through to dance floor tragics. The festival emerged from an iconic stage featured at Lightning in a Bottle, that is known for beats so addictive and vibes so sweet it earned it’s own entire spin off festival.

In line with many festivals in America, a full arts and cultural side is developed with morning yoga, live paintings and a giant slip and slide. Inner kids, more than welcomed. The camping has a traditional So-Cal chilled vibe, while the music is a bit dirtier and of the deep house and techno persuasion.

2016 was only Woogie Weekend’s second foray into the festival world, and yet in just two years it has attracted the likes of Henry Saiz, RÜFÜS DU SOL, Moon Boots, Damien Lazarus and Jon Hopkins just to name a few. It’s safe to say that this is definitely a festival to make a beeline for, especially if you are someone who prefers something on the smaller scale to a full-blown Lightening in a Bottle style of proceedings.

The festival is put together by a crew called The DoLab, who are best known for their next level stages and structures at festivals such as Coachella and Lightening in a Bottle, basically anything epic around the Californian (and beyond) festival world.

Madeline Kilby